InstaBro for Mac OS X

Browse and download Instagram photos easily

InstaBro is a simple tool for Mac that lets you download all the photos and videos from any Instagram account, hashtag or location.

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v5.2.2, macOS 10.11+

Downloaded 15.1K times

Is it FREE?

Yes, there's a lifetime trial mode set by default. But you may be annoyed by some limitations and time delays in the app's flow.

I don't like to be annoyed!

Buy a license here or in the app.

Can I get it from the App Store?

Yes, you can get it here. But due to some limitations it may be less useful.

Is the site version still safe?

Yes, this app is digitally signed and respects your privacy.

Can I support you?

You can promote InstaBro on your site, blog or any other platform and earn a 55% commission from each sale you make. Comissions are paid instantly to your PayPal account.

Become an affiliate

When you set up as an affiliate you get your personal link to InstaBro sales page that tracks users who came from you. Just spread the word with this link.

Want me to collect data for you? InstaBro may not fit all of your needs. If you need to collect data in a different way from Instagram or any other third party service, welcome to try Data Export Services.